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Spinning Little Goat Decisions, decisions Fork Pork Chop Glazed carrots Diner Olga Post-dinner hot cocoa and coffee

Keeping in touch with old friends. Dinner with Olga at the Little Goat Diner in Chicago. The last time we saw each other was 4 years ago in the summer of 2009 in San Jose, CA. At the end of a great internship, rather than saying goodbye, I said see ya later. Glad to have been able to keep my word. 

Catching up, reminiscing about “the good times,” and about the exciting future was a huge highlight to the chilly and gloomy Chicago day.

Dinner was fantastic. Fork pork chop on top of kimchi, bacon, shaved asparagus and cauliflower. 

Foodieholic Adventures - KoMo KoMo Korean French Kitchen

Food is a topic that my close graduate computer scientist girlfriends can talk about for hours. Not shoes, clothes, make up, etc. Food

We went to KoMo KoMo in Cary, NC for dinner this week and while we waited for our food, we discussed what cuisine we should try next. Mexican, Indian?

I love Korean cuisine and can never turn down an invitation to enjoy it. KoMo KoMo was cute. The owner put a lot of attention to detail in the interior and the presentation of the food. She also gave us recommendations on what we should try and she was very informative about each dish.

Andrea ordered the smoked pork bibimbap in a stone bowl and we immediately began discussing this adorable video after she did.

I ordered the Beef Bulgogi Ssam and, although I wish it had come with more beef, I enjoyed the meal overall. The beef was more tender than what I’ve had in the past and each “side” portion was sufficient to make 3-4 filling lettuce wraps. I was also a big fan of the rice. Very fluffy and the right amount of “stickyness,” but I wish I had asked what kind of rice it was. The grains were like nothing I have ever had before. 

Both dishes came with a bowl of mushroom and tofu miso soup that served as the perfect appetizer to the entree due to the temperature being close to freezing outside. I love kim chi. The one here provided my wraps with a nice spicy kick and the owner let us know that it’s made in house.

I’d love to go back for lunch one day and work at KoMo KoMo for a few hours. The prices are reasonable, the restaurant was relatively quiet and they also have free wi-fi.